Site Administration

Administration tools

  • Back ups: A tool to make backing up the site as easy as clicking on a button. You must be logged in as an administrator to do a back up. The back up comes in three pieces, and you can choose to receive any or all of the pieces: The database holding athlete profile data, the database holding the WordPress data, and the remaining files in the filesystem including the WordPress code, all images, all back issues of the Wingfoot, etc.
  • Simple links: A tool to replace permalinks of the form with page-id links of the form /?p=479 on every post and page. This has two values. First, removing from the link makes it easy to move the database from one site to another (eg, between the production site and a staging site like a local copy of the web site on your laptop). Second, replacing /about with /?p=479 makes it easy to move the page around in the page hierarchy without breaking links within the site. This tool means that authors can feel free to use human-readable links while editing a page, and administrators can run this tool periodically to convert links to a more robust form (eg, before moving pages around).
  • Page listing: A tool to list all published pages and posts on the site. The tool can also list pages with page ids and posts with post ids.
  • Replace url with post id: A tool to help replace all links to imported pages appearing in both WordPress and static pages with a link to the WordPress page.
  • Rename slugs: A tool to help change slugs for imported pages from the default slug obtained from the page title to something more familiar.